miércoles, 25 de marzo de 2015

miércoles, 18 de febrero de 2015

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This lighting installation –a kind of a guerilla action - is conceived to demonstrate the power of light in urban communities. Public participation therefore is essential. In a first place we will invite people through the lighting design community and social media sites to gather in a public space (scenario). Then everybody will be given self-illuminated origami birds to place them along the already installed ones and transform further the installation space. 

Technical requirements: thousand origami cranes painted with a glowing color in order to become self-illuminated objects. We’ve chosen the blue as the color to represent night.   

The installation-action will take place at a dark spot, at an open public space "Jardins de Sant Pau del Camp", the 6th of March, the date when the cranes actually start to fly back home. It’ll take place around 19hs when it is expected to be dark enough to perceive the glowing cranes. We will prepare the initial installation scene and people will be given origami figures to fill in the marked area. 

This action is our way to support the Year of Light 2015 and to generate public awareness around the role of light in urban spaces. Moreover, the glowing cranes symbolize our HOPE to understand the importance of light in our lives: seek a dark space in the city, let the Grus Grus guide you, let them fly and glow with you. Make a wish!